Prime Minister Imran Khan Officially Launched Sehat Insaf Card

Sehat Insaf Card will provide the better healthcare facilities to poop people of Pakistan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has officially lunched Sehat Insaf Card in order to facilitate the poop people of Pakistan who are unable to bear the expenses. He said this scheme is being launched in Punjab, Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, FATA and the federal capital.

In his address on the occasion of execution, Prime Minister said that the purpose of this health card is to protect the people of the poor class.

He said that the main purpose of this sehat insaf card to provide the better health care facilities to the people who are unable to bear the expenses and due to that their home budget is disrupted. The launch of the Sehat Insaf Card will be helpful in letting down the poverty rate in the country.

PTI government has earlier to offer the free treatment facilities in the hospitals of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) has launched the Sehat Insaf Card for the people of the province. It’s a great initiative by the PTI government to offer the free health facilities of the 50% population of the province. Now the PM said that these health cards will also be distributed to the families of the tribal areas.

During the Sehat Insaf Card launching ceremony PM said that 35 per cent of rupee prices increased due to the inflation, but the government will try to overcome the difficulties in the poor class.

He announced that PTI government will bring a comprehensive program of poverty eradication and other facilities and institutions including Bayt al-mal will be brought to a platform.

The government will also provide the different facilitation schemes and home loans to the poor people. Under the health card, the poor family can spend up to seven lakhs 20 thousand rupees to getting the better health care facilities.

Nearly 85,000 families will be provided health cards in Islamabad and every card holder shall be provided transport up to Rs1,000 per hospital visit.

Sehat Insaf Cards For Eunuchs:

Sehat Insaf Cards will also be provided eunuchs. Each transvestite will get the free medical treatment of up to Rs 540,000 annually at both public and private health facilities across Peshawar.

How to Register For Sehat Insaf Card?

To get the Sehat Insaf Card is very easy. You need to provide your ID card and Nadara documents and details of your family members at the nearest sehat insaf centre. All the people who are eligible for the sehat card will be informed.

Eligible people will also be provided with the list of hospitals from where they can get the free treatment after showing the Sehat Insaf Card.

How Much Charges For Sehat Insaf Card?

To get the sehat insaf card is totally free.

For more detail, you can visit or call at 0800-89898.

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