Petrol Price Likely To Go Up By Rs 5 In May

Petrol Price Likely To Go Up By Rs 5 In May. There are chances that the petrol price is likely to go up in the month of May. The petrol price in Pakistan will rise by Rs 5 per liter from May and it could be due to the increase in crude oil prices globally and also the devaluation or rupee against the US dollar.

It is expected that the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) will probably increase the price of petroleum products in the month of May as the increase of Prices of Crude Oil will affect Pakistan as well. The petrol price will likely to go up to Rs.5 per liter.

According to reports the oil prices in international market are at its peak now, in addition, the recent rise in the price of crude oil is due to the reduction of oil resources in the USA.

The increase in the price of petrol in Pakistan will be decided by OGRA and Ministry of Petroleum.

The government has decrease the petrol price by Rs.2 last month and if the government will increase the petrol price by Rs.5 its nothing more than torture to the people of Pakistan in the month of Ramadan.

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