Lunar eclipse in 2017

Lunar eclipse in 2017

Lunar eclipse takes place in full moon night when the Earth comes in middle of sun and moon. In lunar eclipse, moon is safe to view from any side of the earth. Lunar eclipse happens twice in a year and usually moon become dark red termed as blood moon. Dates revealed of 2017 lunar eclipse are 11 February 2017 & 7 August 2017. On these two specific dates earth will play with sun and moon by coming in middle of them.

Lunar eclipse 2017 will be of two type as on 11th February eclipse will be of penumbral type that will take place at Asia Africa , Europe and America. On 7th August 2017 eclipse will be of partial type and will be visible in Asia, Africa , Europe and America.

In 2016 both times lunar eclipse is of penumbral type but 2017 will be great year as eclipse type will vary with each other. Penumbra region is that where of the shadow that is not completely covered from the rays of the sun so Penumbral eclipse is that type when moon only enters the Penumbra area of the Earth’s shadow while in partial type of eclipse moon enters partially in penumbra region.

When considering lunar eclipse calendar of 2016, 2017 & 2018. The years 2016 and 2018 will have same type of eclipse while 2017 lunar eclipse will be special due to different sort of eclipse type.

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