If you are looking for the best hunting guns, there are a number of good choices. Today we will tell you about some of the best hunting guns in Pakistan for hunting. We are not pulling any sale here. Our purpose is just to let you know how to select the sturdy and best air guns or hunting guns in Pakistan. All the guns listed below will provide for the requirements of occasional users right through to the frequent hunters.

Following are the best hunting guns available in Pakistan.

  1. Nosler Model 48
  2. Mossberg Patriot
  3. Weatherby Mark V Accumark
  4. Diana Panther 31
  5. Gamo Socom & Gamo Whisper X Vimpire
  6. Ruger American Riffle
  7. Winchester XPR Hunter
  8. Timber Classic Marlin 336C
  9. Alpine Shooter Sako Finnlight
  10. All-Purpose All-Star Weatherby Vanguard Series 2


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