Best Car Insurance Companies in Pakistan

Best Car Insurance Companies in Pakistan Do something today that your future self will thank you for…

Secure your future and live a safe life, make the best choice anyone can have. In this fast moving world where life is full of adventures Insurance is best ever alternative of future investment. Insurance can be of life, house, fire , health , cattle , marine & Auto insurance. Most important type of insurance is Auto insurance as vehicles used to face a lot of accidents and damage running across the road.

Auto insurance will give your automobile a protection and reliability in case of tragedy and save your money as well as under high risk accidents case it is saver to have car insurance and let yourself be free of tension. Insurance company works for your auto mobile when it face Fire external explosion,  Theft, crime cases and any sort of damage .

There are insurance companies who are providing there best ever services in term of auto insurance and making the need of their customers their first priority to be provided.

Best car insurance Companies in Pakistan are :

In Lahore

Asia Insurance

They provide best ever services of car insurance and its totally up to you to have your vehicle repaired at the workshop of your own choice. They will provide insurance in case of covering theft, snatching, armed hold up, accidental damage, third party liability and terrorism.

Visit their site by clicking on given link

The United Insurance

They provide auto insurance in very suitable charges to start with. Once you have it you will stay tension free.

Follow their site for further queries

The Universal Insurance

They satisfy customers by consistently providing quality insurance service in accordance with their needs and expectations.

They provide three types of auto insurance

  • Private Car Comprehensive Insurance
  • Motorcycle Comprehensive Insurance
  • Motorcycle Third Party Insurance

Link of website:

In Karachi

Adamjee Insurance

They are having best insurance facilities for their customer and keep their customers updated with passage of time about their policies.

Follow their site for detail information

Alfalah Insurance

This insurance indemnifies the insured against loss of or damage to the Motor Car/Cycle and / or its accessories whilst thereon by
Accidental external means

  • Fire external explosion
  • Self-ignition or frost
  • Theft

 Natural disaster cases

Whilst in transit by air, road rail inland waterway, lift or elevator

according to them comprehensive policy also covers the risk of liabilities of Death, bodily injury or Damage to property of third parties for private vehicles and Motor Cycles while the Liability to third party(s) in case of Commercial Vehicle is restricted to liabilities arising out of a bodily injury or death of a third party as required by section 95 of road Traffic Act 1939.

New Jubilee Insurance

They are providing best ever services of insurance and make comfort level for their customers.

Shaheen Insurance

They are giving auto insurance on

Private vehicles

Commercial vehicles

Third party liability

Their site link is given below

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