The use of social media platform Facebook is increasing day by day. Presently there are approximately two billion active users on Facebook.

To protect Facebook account from hackers is bit hard. We heard from our friends and acquaintances that their Facebook accounts hacked and even after report they are unable to restore. The Facebook account contains personal information and to protect it from hackers it most important as they can steal your information and in many cases use it to damage your reputation.

So the question is How to protect Facebook account from hackers?

There are a number of ways you can protect your Facebook account from hackers.

First of all you need to check the longed in devices from the setting of your Facebook app.

In the setting Manu of Facebook app you can find the list from where you were logged in with location.

Go to “Settings” then “Security and Login”

This manu will show you the complete list with location from where you were logged in. in the case if you don’t recognize the device or location “Log Out” immediately by clicking on suspicious location it in the list. Furthermore, you can also see “Log Out of All Sessions” option. You can also select this option to secure your Facebook account from hackers.

What to do If Facebook Account Gets Hacked?

If you find any suspicious activity on your account do the above mentioned process and then change your password immediately.

You can also deactivate your Facebook account for few days to save it from hackers (only in the case you find any suspicious activity in your activity log) .

If your Facebook account gets hacked you can have the Facebook Help for retrieve it.

How to secure Facebook account?

Facebook adds lots of security options in its application and by turning them on you can make your Facebook account safe and secure from hackers.

All you have to do is Go to “Security and Login” and then click on “Setting Up Extra Security”.

In this manu there are these four options.

setting-up-extra- security

Just switch on these security features to protect your Facebook Account from hackers.

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