Ab Rocket Twister in Pakistan is not only exercise machine. It is manufactured after the long research and is fully passed by the chiropractors. With this exercise machine in Pakistan, you can easily do stomach muscles exercise including the lower and upper part. After taking the stability pin of the Ab Rocket Twister with which you can perform numerous exercises for your oblique muscles of the stomach. Maybe you have seen the similar machine at a gym on which you can place your legs in the padded area and lean them backward directions that help in muscle strengthening. Although Ab Rocket Twister in Pakistan is an excellent exercising machine you really have to press the padded section with the back of you for each & every time. The basic working of this exercise machine is same as the normal exercise machines except for one. Ab Rocket Twister Machine in Pakistan has separately padded sections though which you don’t have to press it every time although it supports your backbone too.

Does Ab Rocket Twister Really Work?

The Ab Rocket Twister in Pakistan uses twisting motion that helps to strengthen and lengthen the tone of such muscles that are normally flaccid. This up & down resistance of this Ab Twister machine affects your muscles almost twice as compared to normal machines. This is due to the muscles are pushed & pulled simultaneously & that makes this Ab Twister machine a perfect exercise machine. You should keep one thing in your mind that you wouldn’t find different ways to tone your muscles other than this Ab Rocket Twister in Pakistan.

Working with Ab Rocket Twister

Working with Ab Rocket Twister in Pakistan your efforts become doubled by getting more resistance in the forward & backward direction. Its twisting motion helps to tighten and strengthens the oblique stomach muscles. It also gives safety from many back & neck injuries this is the main feature that differs this Ab Rocket Twister in Pakistan with other exercising machines. With 20 minutes of daily workout with Ab Rocket Twister, you can easily have your ideal muscles.

Ab Rocket Twister Features

  • Supports back and neck
  • Cushions roll when you rock
  • Massage when you working out
  • It is sturdy & made to lasts
  • It consists of a cylinder firing technology with the padded back support that supports back and necks safely & comfortably.
  • 3 resistance levels offering something for all fitness levels
  • It consists of a foam handle for your comfort
  • It can be easily folded away for small spaces
  • It includes the 5 workout DVD’s
  • It also massages your back while working out

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Ab Rocket Twister Price in Pakistan: PKR 4,500

How to Assemble Ab Rocket Twister

The assembling of Ab Rocket Twister in Pakistan is really easy & does not require any expert. First of all place the padded support on the 2 metal bars. Insert screws in the padded back support to fix them with the help of the standard screwdriver. Similarly, move the second of the metal bar & repeat the procedure for all back supports. Now open the knob of the bracket and now insert it into 2 metal bars. For comfortable exercise, you can adjust the height of the head support of Ab Rocket Twister in Pakistan. After adjusting the height of the head support tightens its screw so that it doesn’t move. Now add the resistance springs over a metal bolt on every side of the Ab Rocket Twister. A different coloring shows the difference of resistance of intensity.  Black color shows the maximum resistance, Red shows medium resistance while blue shows the lowest resistance. Adjust the position of the spring you just have to make sure that you have tightened the screw. For extra support, you can pull the support bracket from the lower position of the seat. Adjust the grip handles to each side of the seat. Now insert the spring pin & push it into the base.

Few Exercises with Ab Rocket Twister

Want to thin waist? Stand up, legs somewhat bowed, hands on your shoulders, stomach pulled back, back straight, extend your correct arm upward and afterward twist it over your go to one side while breathing in. Fix up and do likewise on the opposite side. Repeat this 20 times.

Want to develop your transverse? Rests on your stomach, your lower arms on the ground in accordance with your body at chest level, and raise your body pushing just on your toes and lower arms. Fix your posterior and straighten your stomach to adjust your legs, head, and back, and keep up the position.

 Want to reinforce your muscles? Rests on your back, knees twisted at 90 degrees, hands put on the sanctuaries on each side of your head, and lift your shoulders and upper back to bring your head and your chest nearer to your knees. Breathe out when rising and breathe out totally while backpedaling down. Repeat the activity 15 times.

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