Facebook to introduce end-to-end encryption for Messenger
It is reported that Facebook is to launch the end-to-end encryption (extra security layer) to its Messenger app.
By keeping in view the security of its 900 million users, they planned to introduce end-to-end encryption for its messenger app. It’s not a compulsory feature instead an additional option which will allow you to activate it or not.
The end-to-end encryption will allow user to secure their text, photos and other files which they don’t want to shows authorities and service providers.
This step of Facebook service providers is extremely beneficial for the messenger for securing their date from security exploiters. Jacob Ginsberg, senior director at encryption company Echoworx said that Facebook is taking a step forward to keep the users’ data safe and secure for potential hackers. The company wants to ensure users’ communication more private.
Earlier, Whatsapp, Google and Apple has also introduces the security features to save the users’ date form exploitation.

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