How to Deal with Depression? Symptoms, Test and Treatment

How to deal with depression? symptoms, test and treatment. The depression is the feelings of severe despondency and dejection. It affects a number of people around the world. When a person feels depressed it leads him/her towards hopelessness and helplessness. According to estimation about 350 million people around the globe face depression. The percentage is too high in America and Britain.
Once you become the prey of depression your whole life get change. Your way of thinking, feeling and daily activities like eating, sleeping, working changes. An intense type of depression can lead a person to end life. No matter how depressed your feel, there are always a hope and steps you can take to dismiss the density and recover.

It is a grave sickness caused by variations in brain chemistry. The other factors that contribute to the onset of depression, including certain medical conditions, stress, genetics, changes in hormone levels, grief or difficult life conditions.

There are few sign and symptoms to recognize depression and its treatment to deal the problem.

Depression symptoms in men

• Loneliness and emptiness
• Helplessness and hopelessness
• Hunger and weight loss or weight gain
• Sleep disorder
• Rage or irritation
• Lack energy
• Self-hatred
• Irresponsible behavior
• Fatigue and tiredness
• Negative thoughts
• Looking for death
• Consumption of more alcohol and smoking
• Aches and pains

These are the few symptoms of depression. The depression can vary from person to person. It often varies in men and women, young and old.
The above mentioned signs and symptoms are more likely to hit men as compared to women.

Depression symptoms in women

When women become the prey of depression they started excessive sleeping, overeating and gain weight. They sometimes also have the feelings of guilt.

Depression symptoms in young

In young people symptoms of depression may comprise sadness, worry, petulance, aches and pains, negating to go to school, or being skinny.
In older depression may go undiagnosed or untreated.

Depression symptoms in old

The signs of depression among old people are lack of sleep, appetite, memory. They feel more aches and likely to think about death.

Depression test

if you are suffering the above mentioned sings and symptoms of depression you should go for the depression test.

You can also take the self-test to support figure out whether you are having any of the warning signs of depression and it will also help you to decide for the going to see the health care physician.

In most of the cases, the doctor do a physical exam and ask for particular lab tests to make sure your depression symptoms are not associated to a illness such as vitamin D deficiency, thyroid disease and another medical problem.

If your symptoms are connected to another severe illness, treating that disease may also support ease the depression.

Depression treatment 

Few people with severe signs face noticeable problems and they are more apt to depression and they need a medical treatment. There are lots of depression treatment that may help you to overcome your problem and live normal life. If you are not behaving well and feeling disturb, you are in dire need to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

No doubt medication help to reduce the symptoms of depression but long term use of medicine is not good.

Healthy lifestyle:

You need a healthy lifestyle, exercise, half hour walk and therapy to cope with depression. Keep yourself busy in social activities because social connection with friends and family will help you to get rid of loneliness and feelings of dejection.

Healthy diet:

Eat healthy food because it’s very important for your physical and mental health. Taking of vitamin and supplements work in treating depression but its results are not proven yet.

Have sound sleep:

Have sound sleep to avoid depression. Sleep disorder make you irritated, tired, sad and exhausted, so make sure you are getting enough sleep every night. 8 hours sleep is best for dealing with depression.

Think positively:

Try to think positively, avoid the things which make you feel depressed. Make your life style active and healthy. Setting daily schedule can help you to deal with problem.

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